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You’ve dedicated years to becoming a top-notch scientist, mastering complex research and achieving what few dare to dream

Yet, despite your achievements, you find yourself facing a crossroad, clouded with uncertainty.

 Common problems scientists face at such a crossroad are:


Fear of Change and Failure:  It’s totally normal to worry about stepping off the traditional path and entering unknown territory—nobody wants to be seen as the one who couldn’t cut it. But hey, exploring new careers is about finding your true calling, not sticking to a script that doesn’t fit.


Lacking Adequate Self-Awareness: So, you’re unsure about what you really want or what you’re great at? Join the club! It's tricky to figure out your true strengths and the impact you want to make when you’re always in go-mode.


Skill Transfer Challenges: Think your academic skills won’t cut it in the ‘real world’? It might feel like you’re trying to fit a square peg into a round hole as you adapt to new professional cultures and jargon. But guess what? You’ve got a ton of valuable skills—they just need a little translating!


What if there was a way to transform your career path with confidence, supported by a network of peers who cheer your every step?
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Step into a world where your scientific skills meet societal needs

Tailored Transition

Guidance that's specifically tailored to scientists, helping you explore and secure opportunities that match your passion and skills.

Empowering Community  

Build lasting relationships with like-minded professionals, creating a supportive network that extends beyond career advancement.

Transfer Your Skills

Master the art of communicating your scientific expertise in terms that resonate in the business and industry sector.


Holistic Career Coaching

Receive coaching that will help you align your career goals with your personal values, ensuring a fulfilling career & life journey. 

Lifelong Learning 

 Engage in continuous personal and professional development through targeted workshops and resources that keep you at the forefront of your field.

Social Impact 

 Leverage your expertise to drive societal change, making your career a vehicle for impact.

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Q&A Sessions

Ever wish you could just ask a pro those burning career questions? Now you can! Every month, join us online for a laid-back chat with our career and life coach. It’s like having coffee with your mentor, except you can wear pajamas.



Get ready for some hands-on fun at our workshops. Whether it’s polishing your CV, networking like a champ on LinkedIn, or building that all-important growth mindset, we've got you covered. We’re talking about real skills that lead to real progress.

Guest Speakers

Who doesn’t love surprises? Especially when they come in the form of amazing guest speakers from all sorts of backgrounds. Get inspiration to transition from academia to industry or other fields. We bring the experts to you, so you can learn, ask questions, and maybe even make a few new friends along the way.


Challenges are designed to help you develop essential skills and abilities to excel in your career. By participating in these targeted, short-term programs, you will gain practical, hands-on experience that translates directly to real-world success.

Our recent 30-day Networking Challenge empowered participants to elevate their networking skills, leading to incredible results. 

Community Support

Join a vibrant community of like-minded individuals who are all committed to not just finding a job, but making a positive difference in the world. Share challenges, exchange ideas, and support each other in a motivating and encouraging environment.

PhD Spotlight

Each month, we’ll drop a new issue of our newsletter into your inbox. It’s packed with stories of PhDs and scientists who are out there making waves in their careers. Think of it as your monthly dose of career inspiration and practical tips on how to transition rolled into one.


You’re not just signing up for a service—you’re joining a tribe of curious, driven, and supportive individuals. We’re all about making a positive impact, not just in our jobs but in the world. Let’s cheer each other on, share our ups and downs, and grow together.


Who is this for?

This community is for those who are serious about their personal development. It's for you if:

You are committed to personal and professional growth and willing to invest the necessary time and effort. 

You are willing to step out of the comfort zone to achieve meaningful results.

You dream of waking up and feeling excited about your work.

You believe in the power of being part of a community.





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Hey there, I'm Amani!

A former scientist with a PhD in developmental biology from the Max Planck Society, and a master’s in education, and I’m passionate about helping scientists create fulfilling careers and lives. I’ve spent years understanding the challenges of academia and career development for scientists..

In 2017, I became a trainer and coach, leveraging my background in science and education to empower others. Over the past years, I’ve trained thousands of scientists from prestigious institutions worldwide, like ETH, University of Zurich, Charité, Max Planck Institutes, and more.I’ve seen firsthand the transformative power of holistic career development in a supportive community. This is why we launched Career Boosters in 2024, to provide you with a space where you can get consistent support and guidance, I call them the 3Cs: coaching, community and consistency. We aim to support you in creating long-lasting career fulfilment and not just short-lived success, by landing the next job.

I know firsthand the ups and downs of a career journey—having worked as a project manager, dancer, editor, science teacher, and many other random jobs…and several unemployment periods…and yes even getting fired!.
My past struggles with mental health, near burnout, and feeling lost for years in my own career have shaped my compassionate approach to coaching and community building. This community is here to help you navigate your career path with clarity, confidence, and more joy.

 To Your Success!





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