What I Offer


2-6 hours workshop

Do you want to educate, inspire and give scientists the best training to develop their careers and skills while having fun?

Common topics for workshops are the following: 

  • Creating a Professional Identity
  • Gaining clarity on your Career Path as a Scientist
  • Personal Branding
  • Networking & LinkedIn (Social Networking)
  • Personal Development & Mindset

Contact us if you have a special request for a topic and workshop.

Workshop on Communication & Networking at the Postdoc Day in Berlin.

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5-10 weeks 

As a result of taking one of our career programs scientists are able to implement the content while receiving coaching and training along the way. This leads to more results and transformation both on a professional and personal level.

The programs always combine career and personal development tools that empower scientists to achieve their career goals and beyond.

Based on your needs we can customize a program. 

The format usually consists of online courses, workbooks, live weekly online workshops and an online community.

Celebrating with the participants the completion of an 8-week Career Program at DKFZ.

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20 minutes - 2 hour

Do you want your audience to feel inspired, learn and get entertained at the same time?

I edutain - merging education & entertainment - audiences of all sizes at scientific organisations and conferences. 

The topics covered are related to career development to enhance scientists careers and personal development.

Talk at Mindvalley University Tallinn

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What Coordinators Say




What Scientists Say

Matthew McCann

PHD Researcher at Max Planck Institute for Biological Intelligence

I completed Amani's Career Booster course, and it completely upgraded my approach and attitude towards my personal career development. With Amani's expert guidance and infection enthusiasm, I have been able to crystallize my career wants and goals, expand my network both on and offline, and develop a growth mindset to be pursuing my desires with joy, enthusiasm, and curiosity.  

Amani lead her workshops with an irresistible excitement, and guided our group into showing up authentically and digging deep into our desires and limitations. Her course taught me tools and strategies that can be applied at any point during my career. I highly recommend her course to anyone who is confused considering their next career step, or simply wants to uplevel their professional life.

Dr. Ana-Matea Mikecin Drazic

Junior Program Manager at Affimed

I started with Amani's Career Booster Program during my last month at DKFZ where I worked for 5 years as a postdoctoral researcher. At that time, I knew that my contract at DKFZ was ending in a month but I did not have a new position lined up yet. While I already had a pretty clear idea what I wanted to do next with my career, I, obviously, still had a lot of fears and uncertainties. 

Amani's course could not have come at a better time for me. Several weeks after the course started I had a job interview that very quickly progressed into a job offer that I very happily accepted. During the Career Booster Program I gained insights that I believe were an integral part of my very fast and very smooth transition from academia to industry. 

All in all I would highly recommend Amani and her Career Booster Program to all the scientists regardless of the career stage they are at as well as what they plan their next step to be.

Henning Boekhoff

PHD Student at DKFZ German Cancer Research Center

I participated in the first round of the 8-week career development program given by Amani at the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ). Each seminar was well-structured and provided loads of information how to build up an authentic professional identity and find the right career path.

During the program, I learned that a positive mindset is the foundation for success and Amani could provide me with various routinely skills how to create and maintain (as a naturally critical person) a positive mindset and become a more grateful person. One of the most important insights for me was that my professional identity is not limited to my (research) skills but is also closely connected to my personality, values, and vision. All of these aspects were addressed in detail during this program and helped me to better understand the motives of my current decisions and identify the career path(s), which fit the best for me.

 Thank you, Amani, for the intensive coaching. It was a great pleasure for me!


Carsten Donau

Doctoral candidate in Chemistry at Technical University of Munich

My benefits

When I started the Career Booster Program, sponsored by my institute, I was at the midst/end of my PhD and really didn't know what to do afterward. I benefited from Amani’s course because it forced me to take a better look at myself. What do I actually like doing, what skills have I developed that I didn’t even think about, what fears are in my way that prevent me from doing what I would actually like?

As a result, I have become much more aware of things that are relevant to me and that should therefore align with my future career path. With some of Amani’s tools and my changed mindset, I’m looking forward to transitioning into the next phase of my career.  

Who should take this program?

Still not convinced? I recommend you take the Career Booster Program if you are a scientist that is 1 or 2 years away from taking the next step in your career but really don’t know what you’re gonna do afterward or where to start.

Cristina Brischetto

PHD Student at Max Delbrück Center

I had the great opportunity to learn from Amani during one of her powerful seminar. During her training I could realize how important it is to communicate your own values to actually reach the right people with who to build your future. I was delighted to apply many of her insights in my job applications and I had many positive results. Thank to Amani I am now a much more positive scientist with a clear dream and a wide range of opportunities. 

Dr. Petya Jordan

Coordinator of Educational Activities at Max Delbrück Center

I just finished Amani's workshops on Personal Branding and Networking. Amani really knows how to create fun and interactive workshops, how to engage and inspire and make you participate in exercises and connect with others (even when you don't feel like it). I am now full of inspiration and ideas about developing my personal brand and building an effective network! Thank you Amani!


Empower the Future Scientist!

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