Take charge of your future career and join this one of a kind online coaching program, customized for scientists.

As a result of taking this career coaching program, you will
  • Create a powerful Professional Identity
  • Identify your ideal Career Path
  • Learn the tools to land any Job and launch your Dream Career
This 16- weeks program is suitable for scientists who are interested in leveraging their PhD to make a real impact in our world.

80% of PhD graduates struggle with identifying their career paths. A successful and fulfilling career is founded on a powerful Professional Identity. Become clear on your core values, transferable skills, personality strengths and what UNIQUE value you can add to a future employer.

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Did you know that only 1.6% of the global population posssess a PhD? You are a valuable and desirable asset. The challenge however is to choose among the MANY options you have. That is what the Match Making Formula will help you achieve. Identifying YOUR ideal career path.

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The number ONE job attainment tool is NETWORKING. 65% of PhDs do not know how to network effectively. You will learn how to create a powerful Personal Brand and combine that with effective networking strategies to attract opportunities and employers to you. As, well as, how to write a compelling application.



I joined the Career Booster Program at a crucial point in my career and I could not be more satisfied with the outcome. Feeling ready and informed to take decisions is important for me and I joined the program during my 4th year of PhD. Amani skillfully drove me through the complex process of setting goals, changing into a growth mindset, being aware of my skills and values and... taking action! All of this during weekly motivating and inspiring live coaching sessions with an incredible group of people full of positive energy. I have no doubt that I will apply what I learned not only in my immediate job search after the PhD but also throughout my career. Now I feel ready to move on to the next step! I highly recommend everyone at the beginining or at a turing point in their career to take part in the program - I actually think a course like this should be taught at school! Amani is a truly passionate and talented coach and will bring out the best of you.
Paula Samso Ferre, PhD student at FMP Berlin, Germany

My story

Welcome to my website! Thank you for being here.


My mission is to support young researchers on their journey to find fulfilment and success beyond the lab. Finding a career path that is aligned with your values, motivation, and skills will help you create the career of your dreams.


In 2007 I graduated with a PhD in developmental biology at the Max-Planck Institute in Dresden, Germany. As the majority of PhD graduates I struggled back then to find my ideal career path. My path took many turns, everything from  project management, to starting a dance school, science teacher, to building up a start-up as an editorial director and finally trainer & coach. A post PhD career journey can definitely be less painful with the right tools and support! That is why I am applying 16 years of experience as a scientist and educator to help young researchers in achieving their career goals through online coaching in a fun, effective and affordable way!

By empowering you as a scientist I believe we can make a positive impact in the world.

Let us launch your dream career!



Amani has this way to move the whole room just with her voice. Really inspiring talk.

Davide Pochi, Digital marketer

You must take part in Amani´s program. Her energy and joy will transform you and you will receive the tools to transform your career.

RosArio Rojas, Trainer
at Minds Unlimited

Amani has an infectious positive and uplifting energy that inspires you to also raise your energy. Not only does she have a wealth of knowledge as a scientist and all her continuous learning but she is also able to connect with everyone she meets at a human base level, through her openness and kindness. I would highly and without doubt recommend working with Amani as a coach.

Rosemary Ikpeme, Ceo of Myndmap