Mapping the Career Path for PhDs


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Many PhD holders grapple with unemployment or face hurdles while figuring out their dream careers.

Here's your guide to not just securing the next job, but also embarking on a deeply rewarding and fulfilling career journey.

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Amani Said

Hey there, fellow PhD (to be)!

I'm Amani, your go-to former scientist for all things career coaching. I'm all in on helping brilliant minds, like yours, step into careers that truly leave a mark on the world.

Now, while I'm soaking up the sun in Spain, globetrotting, and hosting workshops (ah, the dream life!), it wasn't always sunshine and beaches. Picture this: Fresh PhD from Max-Planck in Dresden, Germany, 2007 - I thought the world was my oyster. But nope! Instead, life handed me the tough cards of unemployment, self-doubt, and so much confusion.

It took a rollercoaster of jobs, countries, and experiences to realize it wasn't about finding the 'right' job; it was about finding the right ME. 

I jumped headfirst into personal development and coaching. Turns out, mindset is the secret weapon to face our hurdles and chase our dreams.

Over a thousand scientists have benefited from my coaching and trainings, sidestepping post-PhD anxiety. Equipped with right tools, they are launching fulfilling careers.

Now, it's your turn! Let's unlock that blend of a growth mindset and top-notch scientific skills that you have, so you can kick-start a career that makes you jump outta bed every morning.

To your success!


What people are saying?

Michael Maurer

Incredible. Empowering. Fun. This is how it feels to work with Amani! 

Dr. Diana Born

Empowerment is guaranteed when you become Amani’s coachee. As a result of her amazing coaching, I - smoothly transitioned to my desired career. 

Dr. Nancy Yu

Amani showed me a radically different way to approach the job-hunting process.