What if you could.....
  • Have the clarity to know what kind of career is the best fit for you.
  • Look at your big goals in the eye, and be able to go get them with confidence. 
  • Have a strong personal brand, be known, and even sought after. 
  • Have all the tools to create your Dream Career, and a network of professionals ready to support you every step of the way.
The Career Booster Program is a 12-week online group coaching program, which takes you through the process of uncovering your Professional Identity to gain career clarity, while overcoming any limiting beliefs and increasing your confidence to achieve your career goals.
What to expect from the program...


Create a Professional Identity

Gain clarity on your career vision, skills, values, and personality

Identify your ideal Career Path

Learn how to set and achieve goals effectively

Learn how to create a Personal Brand

 Learn how to Network and Communicate

While developing a Success Mindset


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What scientists say

Dr. Mohammad Khazali

Postdoctoral Researcher in neural basis of human memory at Universitätsklinikum Freiburg

Amani’s program was literary a liberating program for me as it did set me free from negative mindsets, limiting believes and imaginary pressure I kept putting on myself 

Wins: 1- Better understanding of myself, my motivational drive and enjoyable skills 

2- Better alignment between my goals and who I am 

Before the program I felt that I was like a mouse who used to run in a wheel in complete foggy room. Thanks to the coaching I have better understanding of my strengths and weaknesses. Accepting that I am not perfect but at the same time good enough. I like the group coaching because it was very empowering to see other smart scientists from different fields sharing similar challenges and are able to deal and discuss them openly. The fact we have unlimited access to our accounts is just perfect because I keep going back to the materials when I need. It is a great empowering guide line.

I for sure would recommend this program to everyone and not just scientists. I think this should be a part of each graduate school program. The program was a big eye opener to the power I always sensed inside me but didn’t know how to utilize. This program gave me the tools and the clarity to access my energy and potentials. This is an ongoing process but the program puts you on the right track.

Dr. Jelena Hiltensperger

Clinical Research Associate at Medpace

I have recently completed Amani's Career Booster Program and I feel so different compared to how I felt about my career in the beginning. Now I understand how to manage my career and it feels as amazing as that perfect experiment that supports my hypothesis. I took the program because I wasn’t sure which tools are most beneficial for my career in order to find a place to help people. There are all these terms out there like networking, branding, and successful elevator pitch, and although I could find some vague definition and some examples, I could just barely touch their meaning but not grasp it. That is why I loved the live coaching calls because I had the opportunity to ask all my questions and voice out my doubts about anything we learned in the program.

What makes this program really powerful and special is the combination of career development and personal development tools, which with Amani’s guidance will transform your viewpoint on your career development. I have gained the tools to change my mind-set, deeper understanding of personal branding and application writing process. Now every application I wrote is memorable, I am being contacted by recruiters more often and I am not afraid of any type of networking event. I wholeheartedly recommend Career Booster Program to anyone who is unsure where to start or where to go. By the end of it you will be a changed person! 

Dr. Armin Kubis

Head of Synthetic Biology at b.fab GmbH 

Amani's Career Booster Program is an exciting and motivating way to start planning your next career step and to learn about techniques for personal growth, communication and networking. I joined her program towards the end of my PhD studies when I needed to make decisions for my next career step but I can recommend joining her program even earlier, so you have even more time to apply all the things she teaches you. 

I not only learned about directly career related topics as I expected but also about topics from psychology useful to tackle obstacles we create in our mind. This was not only helpful for my career development but also for my everyday life. Amani is an energetic and inspiring coach, her sessions were interesting and always mixed with some laughter. Even after long days at work, I left her sessions feeling motivated and eager to take action. 

I can highly recommend taking this course with Amani, so much that I will actually continue working with her. 


Dr. Diana Born

Partner Sustainability Strategy at K'UP

Empowerment is guaranteed when you become Amani’s coachee.

As a result of her amazing coaching, I

  • smoothly transitioned to my desired career in climate protection this year, starting a position in business development
  • developed a resilient, growth-oriented mindset to shape our sustainable future while having fun and celebrating my wins and mistakes along the way
  • am exponentially growing my LinkedIn network with joy 

I was impressed with her overflowing energy, honesty and empathy (yes, you really cannot escape her empowerment) that balance her calls to (imperfect) action while creating space to experiment with all the different tools you get.  

If you are a scientist or PhD candidate seeing lots of question marks when thinking about your next career steps, I definitely recommend Amani to you: it’s time to unleash way more potential in yourself than you dare to think of!

Dr. Nancy Yu

Data Bioinformatician at Helmholtz Zentrum München

I signed up for Amani’s Career Booster program when I was having trouble securing a job, failing every time the job interview stage. Amani showed me a radically different way to approach the job-hunting process. Her program encouraged me to deeply examine my inner core beliefs, including limiting thoughts about myself, as well as my strengths and values. Her program teaches how to explore different career paths that I have never thought of before, and the effectiveness of networking.

Amani is fun, energetic, empathic, understanding, and somehow manages to push everyone in the program to step outside of their comfort zones in a compassionate way. As a result of stepping out of my comfort zone to actively network and gather information about companies, I actually succeeded in landing my current job.

As an academic, I was too focused on the technical skills and the knowledge acquired from school. The Career Booster program can help students and academics take a broader view of their personal and career development. I highly recommend it for those who feel stuck, lost, or frustrated in their career search process. 

Dr. Elena Taverna

Research Group Leader at Human Technopole

If you are looking for a great coach you can trust: there she is, Amani Said. 

The program she created is amazing: structured enough to help you in everyday career/life choices, and empathic/human enough to make you feel you can openly discuss hard topics.  Amani makes you work in a small group of like-minded people that gave me a sense of belonging to a community, where trust respect and loyalty are core values. 

Amani provides you with very powerful tools for career and personal development. 

Her coaching changes the way you see your career. Not only as a job, not necessarily as a straight line, but as a journey aligned with what you want and are. This means that the path can change (and should change) as you change and evolve over time.  

Amani is as energetic, empathic, practical, insightful, and fun as ever. It was a true pleasure and a great lesson to learn from her how to boost my career. 

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