How To Develop The Hidden Skills That
Will Give You The Life You Want One
Step at a Time

This is Your Chance To Get The Skills You Need To
Keep Growing In Your New Career Path, And It’s The
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Here’s what you get every month as a member of the Career Turbo Booster Membership:

  • Monthly live workshops on career development topics:
    • Networking
    • Communication
    • Leadership
    • Negotiation & Sales
    • Personal Branding
    • Storytelling
    • Mindset tools
    • And many more topics!
  • Weekly Q&A with a career coach
  • Get Support and network with a community of like-minded scientists

Using what you learn in these workshops, you’ll have the confidence and knowledge to keep scaling in your career, set up your own business, and pursue whatever passion you may have.

In order to get in this membership, you won’t have to invest a huge amount.

In fact, you’re going to get it for less than it costs to eat a meal at a fancy restaurant.

Right now, on this page only, you can be part of the Career Turbo Booster Membership for only €27/month or €200/year.

Gloria Kraus - Scientist at T-knife

I came across Amani while looking for job opportunities outside of academia. I was immediately drawn to her because of her positive energy and enthusiasm. Moreover, Amani is someone who understands the struggles of a PhD student and an academic because she went down that path herself. Joining her Career Booster program is one of the best decisions I ever made. Not only did I get many useful tips on how to find a job outside of academia, but I also learned how to grow as a person and look for a DREAM job, the one that is aligned with my values and interests. As a result, I connected with many inspiring people on LinkedIn, created a clearer picture of what career I would like to pursue, and by applying the networking strategy I learned, also received a job offer.

How Can You Develop This Secondary Set Of Skills That Are Crucial To Having a Good Career?

Dear colleague,

Amani here again.

Did you know there is a second set of skills, and not having them prevent scientists like you and me from getting the kind of career we want?

There is a reason why 60-80% of us graduate into unemployment, and it’s not because we’re not smart enough or capable enough.

Actually, it’s because we weren’t even taught such things were important in our careers.

What am I talking about?

Soft skills like:

    • Leadership - for yourself and others
    • Sales - yes, selling is important. You don’t have to become a cliché used car salesman. But being able to get others to see you and your ideas as valuable is key to having a successful career.
    • Communication skills - sometimes we keep things to ourselves assuming others know them as well, and it pushes us back
    • Confidence - Yes, it’s a skill. It can be developed. And lots of us scientists walk around with imposter syndrome, believing we’re not enough to make a difference in the world, when the opposite is true.

The good news for you is that these aren’t traits you are born with that you either have or don’t.

These are learnable. They can be developed.

And I want to take you on a journey to do that.

The Career Turbo Booster Membership

To close this gap, I created the Career Turbo Booster Membership.

Because here’s the thing: developing these skills takes time.

You have to learn how they work, put some practice in. And have someone keep you accountable.

That’s how the membership works.

We get together once a month to develop or reinforce a new set of skills.

Some months it’s only leadership, other months it’s 2 or 3.

At the end of each session, there’s time for Q&A so you can be crystal clear on what it is you need to do.

And I’ll give you specific steps to take, so implementation can be easy and you can get better and better each month.

How Much Does It Cost?

When I first thought about doing this, I looked to see what similar coaches were charging in similar industries.

A LOT of them are doing 8 week programs at $5,000 US dollars, so about €2,000 a month would be the equivalent.

However, I want to make this available for as many scientists as possible.

So I decided to make it very easy for you to say yes, and use it as a tool to take your career further.

You can join today for only €27/month or save €70 and take the yearly option which is only €200.

Yes! Sign me up for the year!
I want to take this one month at a time.