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Boost Your Career Gain Clarity & Confidence


The past 5 years I have used this exact process to support +1000 scientists at universities and research institutes to level up their career development approach.

For the first time ever this course is made available to the public!

As a result of this course you will gain clarity, more confidence and develop a plan to start taking radical action towards your dream career.


What you'll get:

  • 5 Modules with videos and workbooks:

    • Module 1 The Fundamentals of a Successful Career

    • Module 2 The Art of Achieving Goals

    • Module 3 Know Your Values & Create Alignment

    • Module 4 Your Personality & Preferences

    • Module 5 Identify Your Skills & Abilities 

  • Access to an Online Community

  • Life time access to the course.

  • BONUSES (unlocked at course completion):

    • Career Booster Community - 6 months membership

    • Done-for-you career transitioning action plan

    • Gratitude Journal


What People Are Saying

The program she has created is amazing!

Elena Taverna - Research Group Leader at Human Technopole

I benefited from Amani’s course because it forced me to take a better look at myself. What do I actually like doing, what skills have I developed that I didn’t even think about, what fears are in my way that prevent me from doing what I would actually like? As a result, I have become much more aware of things that are relevant to me and that should therefore align with my future career path.

Carsten Donau - Doctoral Researcher at TUM

Amani's course could not have come at a better time for me. Several weeks after the course started I had a job interview that very quickly progressed into a job offer that I very happily accepted. I gained insights that I believe were an integral part of my very fast and very smooth transition from academia to industry. Knowing what my values and my personality type are, articulating my weaknesses and knowing how to deal with them, clear understanding of what I was missing during my postdoc and what I am looking for in the next position were instrumental in getting my dream job.

Ana-Matea Mikecin Drazic - Program Manager at Affimed

I have been able to crystallize my career wants and goals, expand my network both on and offline, and develop a growth mindset to be pursuing my desires with joy, enthusiasm, and curiosity.

Matthew McCann - Doctoral Researcher at Max-Planck

I learned that a positive mindset is the foundation for success and Amani could provide me with various routinely skills how to create and maintain (as a naturally critical person) a positive mindset and become a more grateful person. One of the most important insights for me was that my professional identity is not limited to my skills but is also closely connected to my personality, values, and vision. All of these aspects were addressed in detail during this program and helped me to better understand the motives of my current decisions and identify the career path(s), which fit the best for me. If you still think that gathering as many hard and soft skills as possible is the only way to build up a strong professional identity and that this leads to a successful and fulfilling career, you should join Amani’s program. You will be fascinated about the fact that there is much more.

Henning Boekhoff - Doctoral Researcher at DKFZ