How to Identify & Launch Your Dream Career as a PhD

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You Will Discover:

  • How to get clarity on what you really you can pursue the right career as a scientist
  • The most important tools you can use as a scientist to develop your career and increase your chances of success
  • One specific mindset you MUST have if you want to achieve your career goals
  • And so much more...

Who is Amani and How Can She Help You Launch Your
Dream Career As a Scientist?

Hi, I’m Amani.

I am a career coach extraordinaire who likes to inspire and motivate by getting people out of their comfort zone and into their action-taking zone.

Sometimes I even get people to dance and sing...#bewarned

If you have a PhD or are working hard to get one, I know what you are going through!

When I started my PhD in 2003 I was so excited to work as a researcher, but by the end of that journey, I had lost my enthusiasm and ended up graduating into unemployment, feeling clueless and lost about what career to pursue next.

That is why I am on a mission since 2019 to help scientists launch the career of their dreams and use their scientific training to build a legacy and make an impact on society.

As a result of my coaching and training, hundreds of scientists have been able to avoid the anxiety that comes after a PhD and wonder “what do I do now?”

Instead they have created a life and a career they love.

Why I’m doing this…

60-80% of PhDs graduate into unemployment.

The biggest reason for this is lack of clarity on the career path they want.

As I discovered when I got mine, having a PhD is not enough to have a successful career. You actually need a career vision, strategy and the right mindset!

Also, I found academia still pushes the idea of scientists having to pursue an academic career after they graduate , but once they do, most of them can’t find a stable job doing that.

And here’s the truth…

  • You can pursue a career outside of academia if you want, and still “make” it
  • Majority of PhD holders end up pursuing various successful careers that are outside of academia
  • Scientists are the best at solving problems and helping create a better world, and there is an abundance of career opportunities within and outside of academia to do that.

So, if you want to know how to identify and launch your dream career, click on the button below and register for this FREE training.

Yes! I want to know how to launch my dream career for FREE!